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Transparency is always key. We are committed to making the fashion industry a better, more conscious place by practicing transparency, responsibility and consciousness in all of our efforts. We vow to always disclose information about our production process, because we take pride in being bold, ethical and fair.
Mindfulness is at the heart of our design process. With our community always at the forefront of our decisions, we listen to your feedback each season and update our designs to fit your needs.

We remain 100% cruelty-free and strive to bring more sustainable fashion options to the market. Many of our faux fur accessories and home pieces are made from leftover fabrics from outerwear production. We also offer our products in small-batch drops in an effort to cut down on overproduction and waste.

All Apparis products are made in boutique factories in both China and Italy. We work closely with these small, family-owned factories to ensure that our staff is paid fairly and treated with the utmost respect. Maintaining a close relationship with our factories and remaining conscious about who makes our products is crucial to us. Our staff carefully crafts the Apparis garments we all know and love, paying high attention to detail to deliver quality fashion pieces at an affordable price.
Far from perfect, we are always striving to do better.

For our Fall / Winter 2021 Collection, our iconic Pluche™ faux fur is back as recycled Pluche™. We launched our first ever plant-based capsule, made entirely from bio-based materials. We also launched our first recycled knitwear collection, RE-KNIT, made from recycled plastic bottles.

As promised, our packaging for Fall / Winter 2021 has been transitioned to be made with recyclable materials.

Coming 2022: recycled cotton and recycled polyester silk collections. We promise to keep working towards 100% sustainable practices, create more innovative fabrics, and continue on our journey to be #BETTERBOLDER.