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Make a bold statement. Vegan is our mantra.
Apparis is a modern vegan fashion brand co-founded by Amélie Brick and Lauren Nouchi. The New York-based label gained recognition and a cult following thanks to its colorful line of plush faux fur coats. They’re committed to making a bold statement: vegan fashion and an accessible price point can coexist without compromising style and quality.
Who run the Apparis world? GIRLS.
We—Amélie and Lauren—are the French duo behind the colorful line of faux furs. We both worked in luxury fashion, where we witnessed unethical manufacturing practices, and knew we wanted something better—for the environment and ourselves. So we joined forces to create Apparis, a vegan brand that empowers the modern woman. And you know what? We name all of our coats after women we admire—from fashion icons to coworkers and mentors.
The future of fashion is vegan.
Every step in our design process, from sourcing materials to dyeing fabrics, is 100 percent PETA-approved Vegan and cruelty free. And it always will be. We respect nature as much as you do and are committed to creating the best faux fur out there without harming a single animal. We love the fact that 20 percent fewer animals were exploited for their furs last year. We’re proud to be a part of this real, sustainable change.
Faux the love of you.
Far from perfect, we always aim to do better. We are a conscious brand, mindful of our actions and how they impact you and the environment, and push to create the highest quality faux fur at an accessible price. We work intimately with a few small factories, where we can prioritize quality and craftsmanship, and treat all of our factory workers with fairness and respect. We only use eco-friendly organic dyes and offer limited quantities to avoid waste. Sustainability is goals, and we will get there together.