Our first Pre-Fall Collection follows us on a journey as we expand from East to West, transitioning both time and season. With sleek staples, metal detailing, versatile silhouettes, and variations on our SANS Leather, our Collection melds two worlds into one unified capsule to be worn and loved. For us, it’s the meeting of two coasts, it’s the expansion of our product beyond seasons, beyond climate and beyond barriers.

East Meets West showcases silhouettes influenced by iconic styles of yesteryear. In our campaign, we embrace nostalgia, drawing inspiration from late 90s and early 2000s editorials. We evoke a time where vibrant technicolor worlds are created, all while pieces maintain a refined simplicity that speaks for itself.


Photographer: Alec Artidiello
Creative Director: Lauren Nouchi
Co-Director and Producer: Victoria Monaco
Model: Soap
HMU: Janelle Walker
Assistant Art Director: Celina Parente
Styling Assistant: Kiara Mastropasqua