Top 6 Books to Indulge Your Inner Francophile

June 27, 2017

Top 6 Books to Indulge Your Inner Francophile

The time has come for summer vacation, which hopefully means lots of fun in the sun and, of course, the mad hunt for the perfect summer reading list!  What better way to spend your days than lounging in the heat, hopefully by a beautiful body of water and a light yet engaging read to take your mind on all kinds of travel and imagination.  Whatever you’re in the mood for, this list should satisfy any craving and get you in the mood for France. 


How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are

An engaging and amusing read, four best friends from Paris share their stories and tips

on all things to do with “love, style, and bad habits”. I read this from start to finish in one sitting, I could not put it down it was so super!

**if you liked this check out All You Need to Be Impossibly French.

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French Women Don’t Get Fat

Read both the novel, for hilarious insights, engaging nonfiction storytelling and raw truth to get you inspired into loving yourself and life wherever you are, and the cookbook, for delicious recipes to help keep a culinary balance à la Française.

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Lunch in Paris

An American journalist falls in love and starts a new life with a Frenchman in this charming read which includes one-of-a-kind recipes to follow the storyline in every chapter.  I got this at the library but then had to buy it for the recipes that I keep going back to on the regular!

**if you liked this check out the second installment, Picnic in Provence.

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A Week in Paris

Another one of those books that hooked me from the first page to the last, one that I seriously could not put down or engage in real life activities because all I could think about was the storyline!  A girl’s journey of self-discovery when she is prompted to investigate a past that she cannot remember living through.  Written with two timelines interwoven, from the perspective of the protagonist in early 60’s Paris to her mother’s past self spanning the 30’s, this book perfectly details the lives of everyday Parisians, with the focus on one family’s terrible reality and tragedy as a result of World War 2. History, music, romance, and, of course, Paris in its many era’s, this book is one that will keep you thinking about it for days after the last page has turned.

**if you liked this check out The Paris Key and All the Light We Cannot See.

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Little Paris Kitchen

A young British woman moves to Paris to follow her dreams of being a chef and her own discovery of food and culture.  This started as a BBC cooking show following Khoo’s journey and has grown into an immensely popular idol.  A really great cookbook for all kinds of eaters, bringing Cordon Bleu-learned recipes and techniques to easy and simple to follow versions, inspiring anyone to eat like a Parisian. Including a wide-range of simple to more complicated, from picnics and snacks to dinner party menu’s and tips, this book is a definite must on your bookshelf for any avid foodie! 

**to continue eating your way through French culture and also satisfy your sweet tooth check out Tartine.

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Julie Julia

One woman’s journey into finding herself and her life’s passion by embarking to cook every recipe in Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking (the movie version is also worth watching!). Funny and heartfelt, with a lovable protagonist, it will be hard not to love reading this book.

**if you liked this check out Mastering the Art of French Eating and Almost French.

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