New Year Same You. It's all about attitude

January 14, 2017

New Year Same You. It's all about attitude

It's everyone's favorite January topic! Whether you've written them down, contemplated them, discussed them or not, new year resolutions are in fashion this time of year. But let's face it girls... no matter how good you feel about these "new" resolutions now, when summer's around the corner, these "new" resolutions get old.
That's why this year, our motto is: NEW YEAR, SAME YOU.
NEW YEAR, SAME YOU is all about attitude. A renewed dedication to all that makes you, you. Attitude, by definition is  a settled way of thinking or feeling about someone or something. This year our someone is YOU and our something is all the goodies Apparis has lined up for the year. Let's be honest, what better accessory can a girl have than her attitude? With the right attitude, you can turn the simplest outfit into the coolest. So many French icons are known as global icons just because of their "je ne sais quoi." Well, that "je ne sais quoi" is simply their attitude! They can rock a simple pleated midi skirt and a vintage tee and be the most stylish person in the room... And so can you. 
French Icons 
Vanessa Paris, French Model 
Lou Doillon, French Comedian 
Jeanne Damas, French It-Girl 

Let's not forget, your clothes “frame” you — as you are a masterpiece truly worthy of display.  Your attire will showcase who you are and bring out the best in you. Make the fashion “fit” you, not the other way around. Your personality and confidence will make the difference between you and others. So, never underestimate  the power of attitude and always rock it out with what you're wearing!


Les girls from APPARiS

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