Mademoiselle Apparis: Introducing Vanessa Wu

April 25, 2017

Mademoiselle Apparis: Introducing Vanessa Wu

Vanessa Wu is the creative director of the namesake fashion forward footwear brand. She designs shoes to empower women in their everyday lives - to feel confident and unique all while expressing their femininity. Based in Paris, she represents the effortless elegance of a true Parisian woman.


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Meet the talented designer, as she answers the second edition of Mademoiselle Apparis:  


1. Name

Vanessa Wu (Pronounce Wu like Déjà vu!)

2. Profession

Creative director at Vanessa Wu.

3. Astrological sign

I’m a Scorpio. Scorpios are known by their calm and cool behavior and this is absolutely me! I am also a bit secretive and ponder data to create a realistic plan.

4. What does Fashion mean to you?

Confidence and happiness! I don’t take it too seriously, otherwise Fashion becomes pretentious and that’s a bit boring. Let’s keep it fun and playful!

5. What was your first fashion design?

Maybe a fashion faux-pas! A pair of shoes that had too much colors on it…

6. What is your go to outfit for daytime? Night time?

Day: large shirt with skinny jeans because whatever your shoes, it will always be cool and chic.

Night: the black dress with a heavy necklace that will make all the difference.

7. How do you perceive Parisian style?

Cool and chic. This touch of effortless elegance that travels through the ages. 

8. Which 3 Instagram accounts should we be following?

@ManRepeller for her crazy sense of style

@Lefooding, a French App that shows gorgeous meals from restaurants all over the world

And the French interior designer @Maisonsarahlavoine as she captures everything I dream of for my future home!

9. What is your favorite season?

Spring. I love Paris in the Spring time, even if it’s a bit of a cliché (and the title of a song!)

10. Describe your perfect day off when you are not designing?

Going to church, then have a brunch with friends at Café Charlot, then spend time in the park if it’s sunny weather and have dinner at home with my best friend.

11. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

It would be anywhere with my loved one.

12. A guilty pleasure?

Chocolate!!! Dark & strong black chocolate from Sao Tomé or the good old one Kinder bar!

13. French or Italian wine? 

French red wine, I must confess. I have a soft spot for Burgundy wines, like the fleshy and fruity Mercurey.

14. Name three things on your bucket list?

1. A crazy thing:  do a parachute jump

2. An inspirational thing: visit Korea and Japan

3. A commitment thing: build a school for children

15. What is your mantra?

Build happiness!


Follow Creative Director Vanessa Wu on social media: @vaneswho



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