Apparis Crush: My Little Paris "L'Acrobate Des Toits de Paris" Video

February 27, 2017 1 Comment

Apparis Crush: My Little Paris "L'Acrobate Des Toits de Paris" Video

 Watch the video that has people falling in love with Paris again and remember to walk on sidewalks and not rooftops next time you are there:


 Source: My Little Paris 


A video of a mysterious woman leaping over the rooftops of Paris in a little black dress has gone viral and it showcases the historic beauty and romance of the French capital to perfection. 

“Parisienne acrobate sur les toits de Paris,” or “Acrobatics on Paris Rooftops” was originally posted to the Facebook Page of Paris-based website, My Little Paris, and it has already been viewed there over 15 million times.

The short film is underscored by the song “I Love Paris,” as performed by Vanessa Paradis. It opens with a shot of the woman inviting the viewer to follow her as she enters an apartment overlooking the famous cityscape. 

Wearing a black dress, tights, and white and pink sneakers, the young woman darts out a window and then shimmies a drainpipe to escape to the roof. The camera follows her daredevil aerialist adventures as she leaps from building to building, jumps in and out of open windows, and barges in on unsuspecting Parisians.  


As she effortlessly leaps and somersaults across the buildings, we are treated to great aerial views of the City of Lights and a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower. She startles the Parisians that she encounters along the way, as she climbs in and out of windows and takes leaps from great heights.



Les girls from APPARiS

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Christine Nelson,
Christine Nelson,

March 01, 2017

I think your marketing is brilliant! I send your ideas to my daughter who wants to get into the fashion world.

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