En Vacances... À la Campagne

May 02, 2017

En Vacances... À la Campagne

I once visited a Cheese-maker, somewhere in the French Mountains. I was young and didn’t appreciate the experience for what it was, let alone know really where I was. 

I remember the smell as it kept me locked in the car until my parents urged me to take a look around. I wish I had gone out sooner, the fresh air was all I needed and inside was a world of Willy Wonka à la France. Though I wouldn’t consider myself a cheese-making connoisseur, this room’s setup seemed to be in use for generations, the metal machines towering above us, cranking out heat, working their magic. The Fromager was a simple, older man living a quiet life with his dog, making cheese, perched in a tiny cabin overlooking a 360 degree view of mountain peaks covered in grass and wild flowers.  The cheese, by the way, was unbelievable. 

As May sets in, many of us will swap our boots and heavy wear for lighter gear and sandals, in prep for sunny vacation days soon approaching. If you’re in the market to travel, why not France? à la Campagne?

From remote cheese-makers to “Once Upon a Time” castles now turned into breath-taking BnB’s filled with cooking classes and Yoga retreats, la campagne, France’s countryside, has so many experiences to be found and can provide a relaxing and cultural vacation for anyone.

Head North for old-school mountain towns with serious views, think “tale as old as time”, South to find ocean beaches and Lavender fields to pick, but no matter where you go its all magnifique!



If you’re looking for a getaway inspiration or if you just need a daydream…


Read: Elizabeth Bard’s Picnic in Provence and transport yourself into one woman’s journey in a small French town, discovering the land’s tastes and flavors (if you haven’t read her first memoir you also cannot miss Bard’s Lunch in Paris)



Check out: mimithorisson.com for her blog Manger to find recipes and photos to make your jaw drop, direct from her beautiful Château home in Médoc, France.  Mimi has also hosted cooking retreats Chez Elle so be on the lookout for any future posts!

Gape over and get inspired:  @chateaugudanes to see a family’s restoration of an old castle nestled at the base of a fairytale land.

Research: thetravelyogi.com to combine a meditative retreat while soaking in the nature around and medieval architecture in nearby towns.

Whatever you choose, Bon Voyage!


Bisous Bisous, 

Pauline, Apparis Bloguette 

Follow Pauline's journey: www.sweetmesscatering.com@sweetmesscooking

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