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JENNCO MOULY @ 2017-10-21 10:35:34 -0400

No longer are we interested in the classic monotones of the infamous trench coat, what some say to be the uniform of any stylish Parisian, rather swapping understated and elegant for bold and playful. 

From runways to city streets, this Fall has seen a continuing rise in all things fur. I’m not talking about smelling like moth balls or having to dig through racks of old, forgotten furs.  Forget the sophisticated look of the past with stiff furs and jewels.  I’m talking all about that “faux.”


Faux fur long parka with removable wrist warmers, Kaki/naturel $225


Think fantastical animals a la Alice in Wonderland, without any of the harm that would throw PETA supporters into a riot. Think young and vibrant in colors that would rival any candy-shop. 

Take a cue from celebrities and fashion bloggers and the like who showcased this colorful and funky trend at this Fall’s Fashion Weeks. From Kate Moss to Alexa Chung, Miu Miu to McQueen, definitely don’t miss out on what will be this Winter’s funnest and coziest craze. In addition to the influencer, even designers are starting to shift to faux fur, including luxury fashion brand Gucci will stop using animal fur in its closing next year, beginning with its spring summer collection 

Wear it cropped, wear it long, as an embellished trim or purse. Let your pop of color be the bright light to the darker months to come. 

If all this isn’t enough to convince you to swap your puffer jackets, parkas and pea coats for all things faux fur, I’ll leave you with one last conviction:

You can wear whatever you want underneath, heck step out in your pj’s and no one will be any the wiser, as your new, bright outer layer will cover it all and be the only statement you’ll need all Winter!


Check our new line of faux furs in styles sure to please any palette!


apparis faux fur coat

Oversize faux fur coat, Red $245


Bon Shopping!


 Bisous Bisous, 

Pauline, Apparis Bloguette 


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