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The Female Powerhouse Behind Apparis

Amy DiTullio @ 2019-03-20 17:39:05 -0400

          Female founded, female run, and female inspired; these traits are at the core of what makes us Apparis. With consistent reports surfacing about women struggling in the workplace Apparis has set out to be a company that will instead lift up our women to be dynamically bold and effortlessly chic.

While you may know Apparis as the vegan faux-fur brand that has caught eyes of all fashionistas this past fall, you might not know that these power moves have been made by a small yet dynamic in-office team of eight women. This female powerhouse began with our founders, Amelie Brick and Lauren Nouchi, when they decided to quit their jobs at Louis Vuitton and start a line inspired entirely by the chic women that surround their lives. The Sophies, the Sarahs, and all coats you’ll see in our collections are named after real women that have inspired our founders.

They also found an importance for their employees to have the ability to convey the story and emotion that the brand represents; and who better to tell that story than women. Since Fall of 2018 the Apparis team has grown from three women to eight where they all work in an environment that supports one another. “In an industry where we can sometimes be our own enemy, we wanted to create a space where everyone could be heard and their opinion could be voiced,” Lauren said.

Jem Argunloye practices exactly this in her role as the Account Executive at Apparis, “From past experiences I found most companies have a linear way of working that doesn’t foster independent growth. I hope to own my own business one day and Apparis has given a great head start into filling those shoes,” she said. 

In a startup it’s common for employees to wear many hats, this is something we see happen every day at Apparis. To delineate stress and remain an effectively functioning team, support and encouragement from our female co-workers is crucial for the team’s work structure. “We can always tell if one of us is stressed out, almost like a 6th sense,” Cienna Fernandez, the graphic designer for Apparis said, “We can always be each others crutches if we need that, and I never feel like I’m in it by myself.”

Female led companies, and resilient female founders are important in today’s social climate to build up the women of today. “It’s been a breath of fresh air working for a company that really appreciates what you do,” says Daryna Bondar, the Sales Coordinator at Apparis, “We are constantly inspired, and given an independence that you don’t find in most work cultures.”


I bought two of your coats this winter. I can’t go anywhere without someone yelling at me “where did you get that coat?” I love, love, love them. Can’t wait to see your new coats for fall-winter. It’s amazing what an all women company can do. I am your biggest fan. Love to all of you. Cynthia Montgomery- Spokane Washington.

Cynthia Montgomery @ 2019-03-22 10:30:10 -0400