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Behind the scenes with sophie ciel

Amy DiTullio @ 2019-05-01 17:59:13 -0400

No coat defines Apparis more than the Sophie. It’s easy to see (or should we say feel) why this style has been featured all over social and media outlets alike. It’s plush faux fur and multitude of colors create the perfect combination of luxe and edge that the market has been looking for. Our spring collection featured a new color of Sophie, Ciel, which brought a lightness to the winter weather that was still clinging on in the spring months. We dove a little deeper with the Assistant Creative Director, Zahra Pareesa Le Breton, on the thought process behind the Sophie Ciel and the details that go into creating a collection.


Who was the Sophie named after?

The Sophie was named after our creative director, Lauren Nouchi's best friend. The Sophie coat is a wardrobe essential and will become your best friend during cold weather, it’s soft, plush, and the warmest coat you will ever own.

With the Sophie being Apparis’ signature coat, what are key aspects about the shape that you think make this style so prominent to the collection? 

It’s a classic 3/4 length coat with the perfect amount of coverage for cold seasons. I love the plush collar because it saves me from having to wear a scarf, and I feel like I can throw my Sophie on with any outfit and always look put together.

What does the color Ciel add to the spring collection?

It’s the most luscious baby blue and is perfect to transition from winter to spring. Ciel was the perfect color to add to our Sophie rainbow for the Apparisian who isn’t afraid of color. 

Can you talk us through the process of creating a collection?

Lauren and I will start by looking at runway trends and forecasts and start building mood boards based on colors, patterns, and silhouettes. Once we have decided on a palette we then choose which fabrics we want to translate the colors and patterns onto. Even after we think we have finalized a collection we still go back and make tweaks until we confirm production. 

What percent of designs actually make it to the collection?

I would say about 80-85% make it to the collection. We make the final decision once we have received the samples as it’s always very different to see the coats in person.

What’s coming next for the Sophie?

We are so excited to have a Sophie rainbow of 17 colors available for Fall 19. Some of my favorite color additions are Neon Green, Rose and Sapphire Blue


It’s so interesting reading how your creative thought process works. I bought one beautiful mustard Sophie coat this year and a mustard jacket. They are beautiful and very much loved. I am looking forward to seeing your fall 19 collection. Cynthia Montgomery

Cynthia Montgomery @ 2019-05-06 09:20:33 -0400