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The Story Behind Apparis

amelie azeroual @ 2016-03-06 14:35:58 -0500
The story behind started a few months ago when we decided to follow our dreams and take on a huge challenge, which was to launch our own online boutique. The two of us had worked for many years for French luxury brands (Saint Laurent Paris and Louis Vuitton) but were both dreaming of building our own  to offer what we believe was missing in the market. 
Enough Maxing Out On Your Credit Card?
Seriously, have you ever dreamed of exclusive but affordable fashion? In other words, being able to splurge on a couple of designs without maxing out your credit card ? We also have, and this is why we decided to begin this crazy journey called features a curated selection of affordable French designers. Now, you may wonder why only French designers? Well, both of us are French and have a passion for our heritage and savoir-faire. Paris is known to be the Fashion capital of the world and, trust us, trends are definitely set in the city of lights.
French Style
However, for most people, French style commonly resonates with high-end designers, which after all is not always true. A few months ago, we flew to Paris and went on a mission to find up-and-coming French designers that we would exclusively sell online in the U.S. After a couple weeks of selecting designers and products, we were able to come up with our first spring/summer collection. Our collection is different, on trend and affordable but most importantly features limited edition designs, which sets us apart from high-street brands such as H&M, Forever21 or Zara. Don't take us the wrong way, we also like Zara, but we were just tired of rocking the same pieces than the girl next door.
We Are You
Overall, Amelie and I are committed to always bring high quality merchandise at the best prices and the truth is that we are you, your sister or your best friend. We are just two women who want to feel at their best and simply as stylish and beautiful as they can be. 
We hope that you will follow us on this journey as we are appreciative of everyday we've dedicated to