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Behind the scenes with sophie ciel

Amy DiTullio @ 2019-05-01 17:59:13 -0400

No coat defines Apparis more than the Sophie. It’s easy to see (or should we say feel) why this style has been featured all over social and media outlets alike. It’s plush faux fur and multitude of colors create the perfect combination of luxe and edge that the market has been looking for. Our spring collection featured a new color of Sophie, Ciel, which brought a lightness to the winter weather that was still clinging on in the spring months. We dove a little deeper with the Assistant Creative Director, Zahra Pareesa Le Breton, on the thought process behind the...

Behind the scenes with Paula

Amy DiTullio @ 2019-04-24 14:24:33 -0400

As this season is coming to an end we have taken a look at some of our favorite coats here at Apparis, and one of our favorite styles for us is the Paula puffer. While our collection is almost entirely comprised of faux fur we decided to experiment with creating a puffer coat for our spring collection. The Paula with its leopard print, light weight feel, and sporty design has been a huge success for us, and an indicator of what Apparis might create in the future. We sat down with our creative director to get a behind the scenes...

The Female Powerhouse Behind Apparis

Amy DiTullio @ 2019-03-20 17:39:05 -0400
Female founded, female run, and female inspired; these traits are at the core of what makes us Apparis. With consistent reports surfacing about women struggling in the workplace Apparis has set out to be a company that will instead lift up our women to be dynamically bold and effortlessly chic.


Amy DiTullio @ 2019-01-10 12:47:56 -0500
At Apparis we commit to crafting all of our outerwear from cruelty-free synthetic fabrics. Going faux is more than just a trend, and proof is on the runway. Here are a few of the luxury fashion labels that don’t use fur, and others that are ditching animal skins from their collections fur good

Meet the Founders

Amy DiTullio @ 2018-12-06 16:28:55 -0500
"We started APPARIS because we wanted to bring the latest French fashion to the U.S. since the only way to access it was by traveling to Europe. When we opened our pop-up shop last year, we carried pieces besides faux fur, but noticed that our most popular items were our jackets. Girls would come by to try on all our coats in all our colors, and take pictures to post on social media. That’s when we knew we had something to focus on – chic and affordable faux fur coats."
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